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Mark Lederman, President of LCG Consulting, LLC, d/b/a Ventures in Healthcare, has over twenty-five years of experience in the healthcare industry, most as a management consultant, working for and with healthcare provider organizations and healthcare market-focused ventures in the areas of information technology, finance and reimbursement, and new business development.

A selection of recent healthcare clients and engagements are listed below.  Where highlighted, click on the link to an expanded engagement summary.

  • Client: 700-bed multi-site healthcare provider, Indiana.  Engagement: Assistance with PACS/CR/DR Selection. Consulting firm engaged to conduct PACs/CR/DR selection sought consultative support with the selection process. Assistances includes identification and qualification of eligible vendors as well as support with development of marketplace overview, participation in client needs assessment, RFP review, and vendor proposal analysis development.

  • Client: 370-bed Hospital, New York. 
    Engagement: Information Technology Department Assessment.  Conducted an assessment of the IT Department for the new executive leadership team at the Hospital, including analysis of staff skills, workflow, priority setting, governance, decision making, leadership, systems and end-user perceptions.

  • Client: Vendor of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software that “reads” transcribed medical notes and determines the billable CPT4 and ICD9-CM codes. 
    Engagement: Project Management Services to Vendor’s clients to assist in preparing for deployment of this host-based service. Assistance included workflow management, interface specification development, testing, account setup and regular client reviews. Current focus is on providers of radiology, cardiology, obstetrics/gynecology and emergency department services.

  • Client: 480-bed Urban, Academic Health System, New York.  Engagement: Project Management:  Selection of PACs and CR.  Engagements included operational overview, RFP development, vendor response analysis, identification of semifinalists, site visits, system demonstrations and contract negotiations. 
     Selection of a Surgical Information System. 
     Assistance with the development of an IT Strategy (2002) and an IT Strategy update (2004) to reflect organizational initiatives.

  • Client: Multi-entity Non-acute Care Provider & Social HMO,
    New York.
    Engagement: Project Management: HIPAA Transaction & Code Set Compliance. Assisted multi-entity provider and payer organization with HIPAA Transaction & Code Set compliance efforts in all lines of business. Initially, assessed compliance efforts to date, then structured an ongoing project to advance and accelerate compliance efforts.

  • Client: Regional Health System, Florida. 
    Engagement: Information Technology Strategy Development. Provided assistance to a multi-entity regional healthcare provider with the development of a five-year Strategic Information Technology Plan.

  • Client: 300-bed Suburban Hospital, New York. 
    Engagement: Project Management: HIPAA Privacy Rule Preparation. Development of gap analysis of compliance efforts to date; provided project management of new compliance implementation work plan.

  • Client: Multi-office Outpatient Medical Practice, New Jersey.  Engagement: Project management:  Design and implementation of network across all offices; enable e-mail and internet capabilityEngagement: Selection of new Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system
     Project management for implementation of PM and EMR systems.

  • Client: Rural Healthcare Provider, Kansas. 
    Engagement: Development of an Information Technology Strategic Plan.

  • Client: 275-bed Suburban Hospital, Connecticut. 
    Engagement: Implementation Project Management: IDXrad v.10 Radiology Information System.

  • Client: 200-bed Community Hospital, New Jersey. 
    Engagements: Developed an Information Technology needs assessment that included hardware, software, infrastructure, governance, human resources and budget; conducted a HIPAA privacy gap analysis and developed a hospital-wide and department-specific compliance approach including executive and staff education.

  • Client: New Venture. 
    Engagement: Definition and refinement of product offerings and organizational mission of this radiology-focused venture. Developed business plan for product roll-out and organizational startup; evaluated potential third party offerings that were pursued as value-added products and services; qualified numerous radiology service organizations as to their need for the new venture’s offerings.  Developed workflow analyses to determine best use of products and operational efficiencies to be gained.


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